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KANATA Fencing Socks

We’re thinking of getting Kanata Team fencing socks. They would be fabricated in Kanata ‘blue’ with the word ‘KANATA’ written vertically down the outside of each sock (in white lettering). At the bottom would be 3-crossed fencing weapons (as in the photograph).

 Fencing Socks


  • Made of polypropylene.
  • Polypropylene wicks the moisture away from the body.
  • The socks stay up on the leg and contain 10% elastic thread.
  • Bottom of foot cushioned
  • Ribbing in arch and ankle for added support
  • Fold down cuff


  • Youth: younger children
  • Intermediate: ladies shoe size 5-10 / men’s shoe size 4½-8
  • Adult: ladies shoe size 10-12 / men’s shoe size 8-12
  • XL: above size 12  

We can only place the order when we have 12-pairs of a single size. We expect the cost to be $15 - $20, dependent upon how many pairs we order. If you’re interested, let Coach Jon know how many pairs and what size. Once we have a tally, we’ll let you know what the final cost will be before we order.