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2013/2014 ODFC Final Results

Kanata Fencers had a great season taking three of the overall ODFC trophies!

Brandon ODFC Foil Winner

Brandon won the overall Open Foil Championships by winning 4 of the 5 ODFC events! Also in this photo are Evan, 7th overall, Adam 4th overall and Dawson 2nd in a field of 19. 


Dawson was on fire this day! He's shown here with his Gold Medal from Epée but he also took home Silver in Open Sabre and was the overall Open Sabre Champion! Alex received a Bronze in Epée.

U15 Sabre Champion

Kuzey won the U-15 Sabre Championship, as well as Gold in the Open Sabre and U-15 Sabre. Liam finished the day with a Bronze in Open Sabre and a Silver in U-15 Sabre and 5th in the Open Sabre Championship. Nick finished 3rd in the overall U-15 championship and 6th in the Open Sabre Championship. Thomas tied Nick for 6th in the Open while Stephanie finished in 9th.


Alex performed very well in Epée winning Gold in U-15. His win placed him in 4th in the U-15 Championship.

 Strategy Meeting

Coach Jon, David and Mason have a pre-bout strategy meeting.


Evan found himself in some real battles today! Here he is with Dawson.


Hannah showed great form in this, her first ever tournament! Here she is calmly defending herself with a carte-parry!


Monique is studying her opponents - strategising - she's always thinking ahead: the sign of a great fencer!

Liam  Alex

Alex and Liam were both busy guys! Both fought in with two different weapons on the day!


Mason in one of his U-13 bouts. 


Thomas finished 3rd overall in U-11 Foil and 8th overall in the U-13 Foil Championships and took home a Bronze Medal in U-11 Foil on the day.


Owen and Thomas both competed in U-15 Epée. Owen won Bronze and Thomas came 4th.

U11-Foil Group

U-11 Foil with Owen and Thomas.

U15-Foil Group

Philip won the U15-Foil Gold Medal with Liam taking a Bronze and Monique finishing in 5th.

Congratulations Everyone! What a great season!