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Richard Smith Memorial Tournament - 2017 edition

Kanata held it's annual Richard Smith Memorial Tournament this past Tuesday. It was well attended and very well fought! 
Here are the results . . .

Kid's Mixed Foil:

Isaac - GOLD
Lauren - SILVER
Catherine - BRONZE
Kyota - BRONZE
5 - Riley
6 - Myles
7 - Sam C.
8 - Harrison
9 - Carolina
10 - Chris
11 - Sam K.
12 - Celia
13 - Konrad
14 - Arlo

Isaac Kids Foil Champion

Isaac, Kid's Foil Champion

Adult Mixed Foil:
Tammy - GOLD
Mathew - BRONZE
5 - Susan
6 - Tom
7 - Sacha
8 - Christine
9 - Jennifer
10 - Andrew
11 - Doug
12 - Sharon
13 - Saiyara
13 - Chris


Tammy - Winner of Mixed Foil

Adult Mixed Epée:
Jennifer - GOLD
Christine - SILVER
Isaac - BRONZE
Sharon - BRONZE
5 - Andrew

Jennifer Epee Champion

Jennifer - Our Epée Champion

Adult Mixed Sabre:
Marek - GOLD
Konrad - BRONZE
Taner - BRONZE

Sabre Podium

Our Sabre Podium: Marek, GOLD, Iris, SILVER, Konrad and Taner, BRONZE.

Congratulations Everyone!!

Epee Night with Melanie McCann!!

Hello Everyone,
I'm very happy to announce that Melanie McCann will be running an Epee night for us on Tuesday,  June 13th!!
Melanie is a two-time Olympian having competed in Modern Pentathlon during 2012 (London) and 2016 (Rio).
Mel finished London with a Canadian record of 11th place. She's an excellent epee fencer and I'm very excited to have her join us.
We will have electric equipment set up and epees for everyone to try. Bring your foils/sabres for the lesson component in case we don't have enough epees.

If you have epees and epee body wires that you're willing to lend to club mates, please bring them with you.

2017 Can Am

Kanata sent Bob and Taner to this year's Can-Am event held again in Markham (east of Toronto). This event is the premiere Veteran's Fencing Tournament in North America and it attracts the continent's best fencers - and some from further afield.

Under Coach Jon's watchful eye, Bob returned with a Bronze Medal in the 60+ sabre event, having been eliminated in the semi-finals by a former World Champion from the USA. Taner put up the best performance of his career and was outstanding in the Team event. Kanata entered a Sabre Team where Taner and Bob were joined by Zygmund (who often practices with us on Fridays) and our good friend Francis, who travelled from Hong Kong (where he runs a fencing school) to compete in all three weapons at the Can-Am.

Happy Group

Kanata's Can-Am Sabre Team: Bob, Francis, Taner and Ziggy


Kanata fencer competing in Italy!

Aricia April 23 Medal Winner Small

Bob happened to be travelling in Italy this past month and was invited to compete in the Italian Masters Championship event being held in Ariccia (just south of Rome). After a poor start in the poules he exceled in the DE's until confronting the eventual tournament winner and current World Bronze medalist, Guilio Paroli who relegated Bob to 8th place. (Apparently, they give medals down to 8th place in Italy.) Here is Bob on the podium with a borrowed red jacket to represent Canada as he hadn't planned on competing so did not bring along his regular gear! Congratulations Bob!

ODFC #5 - The Final!

The final ODFC of the season was held this past April 9th at the RA centre and Kanata had it's best turnout of the season!

Zaid on Defense

Zaid, shown here defending, finished just outside of the medals in 5th place in Under-11 Foil.

Kanata had four competitors in Under-13 Foil: Lauren won BRONZE, Riley was 7th, Sam 9th and Arlo 11th.


Arlo contemplating his next opponent!


Riley was put to work refereeing! This was part of his armband training.


Sam awaiting the referee's instructions whilst Lauren is ready to corner judge.

Under-15 Foil had just one Kanata competitor, Isaac finished in 6th place.

For the woman's open Kanata had two entries and they both brought home medals!!


Maryam, awaiting her opponent, took home the GOLD medal!


Susan, shown here scoring a point, took home a BRONZE medal.

Womens Foil Podium

Maryam and Susan on the podium!

The Mixed Open Foil event saw seven Kanata competitors! 


On the podium with a SILVER medal is Jamie. Just below him in the BRONZE medal position is his son, Tim. Then we have Thom in 5th, Sacha in 7th and Isaac in 8th. Off the podium is Iris who was 9th and Christopher who was 13th.


On the Mixed Open Sabre podium Kanata had Daphne on the top winning the GOLD medal! Just below her is Connor who won the BRONZE medal. Iris came a strong 5th place.

Overall Season Rankings:

Under-11 Foil

Zaid 8th      Ellie 11th      Ewan 17th

Under-13 Foil

Riley 3rd     Lauren 13th      Arlo 14th      Sam 18th      Myles 18th      Konrad 21st

Under-15 Foil

Konrad 9th      Isaac 12th      

Woman's Open Foil

Maryam 3rd      Susan 8th      Lauren 10th      Iris 10th      Sharon 16th

Mixed Open Foil

Jamie 3rd      Matthew 4th      Iris 6th      Timothy 7th      Sacha 13th      Thomas 13th      Christopher 15th      Isaac 15th      Isabelle 19th      Samuel 19th

Mixed Open Sabre

Daphne 1st      Iris 3rd      Connor 4th      Chelsea 12th      Konrad 12th      Cheryl 12th


Daphne with the Champions Trophy! It's worth noting that Kanata has won this trophy ever since the Sabre event has been held at the ODFC!

Kanata Group

Just part of the group that participated at the final ODFC of the season.

Congratulations to everyone! It was wonderful to have such a great group of Kanata competitors on the piste!

2017 Ontario Provincial Championships

Kanata sent only three fencers to the 2017 Ontario Provincial Championships held in Kingston. Under the watchful eye of Coach Jonathan, Taner finished in 11th in Open Veteran Sabre, and Bob 8th. Kuzey finished in 9th in Junior Sabre while Bob fought to a SILVER Medal in Veteran 60+ Sabre. Congratulations everyone!

Kanatas Team

Coach Jonathan, Bob, Kuzey and Taner

Kuzeys Lunge

Kuzey showing a beautiful lunge during the competition.

Vet 60 Podium

Bob on the Vet 60+ podium

2017 ODFC #4

The 4th ODFC of the season was held at the RA Centre inside their temporary gym. We had very late notice of the event and Kanata's turnout was limited to four fencers. Of the four, two brought home medals: Matt BRONZE and Riley as GOLD!

Elly in action

Ellie (on the right) in action.


Iris Attacking

Iris attacking (from the right).


Matt en guarde

Matt - en guarde!


Riley Scoring

Riley (on the right) scoring a point.



2017 Ottawa Shield

Only Daphne competed in this year's Ottawa Shield and she came home with a full load of hardware!!

Daphne in one of her foil bouts.

Daphne in one of her foil bouts.

Foil TestingNervously having her foil checked by referee Petr.

Sabre Bronze

On the podium with her Sabre Bronze medal.

Womens Silver

About to receive her Woman's Sabre Silver medal.

Foil Podium

Proudly wearing her Woman's Silver medal for foil.

Congratulations Daphne!!

Carleton Invitational

Kanata sent two teams to the 2017 Carleton Invitational and both did very well!

Foil Team

The Foil Team of Vadim, Felix and Evan finished in 4th overall!!


Sabre Team

The Sabre Team of Taner, Kuzey and Mark finished in 5th overall!!


Great job guys!

Ottawa Fencing Traning Camp (January 3rd, 4th, and 5th)

Ottawa Fencing is hosting a three day training camp.
It will be on January 3rd, 4th, and 5th. With a maximum of only 14 participants and 4 coaches.
The level is around the top end of the ODFC and ages 12-14 years old.
The cost is $250 (Includes 1 group and 1 individual lesson per day).

Please let me know if you're interested. As of right now they have 3 spots left.