Club News

2016 Governor Generals

Kanata Fencers did well this year, led by Daphne who secured a Gold Medal in her foil event. Evan did a great job in his first major foil tournament and is looking forward to more! Bob secured a Silver Medal in his sabre event.

Tournaments are the best way improve your fencing!!

Daphne with her Gold Medal

Daphne proudly wearing her Gold Medal

Vet Sabre medal winners

The Vet Sabre Medal winners.

Sabre Lessons in Kanata with Kyle Girard!

Hello Everyone,
I'm very happy to announce that Kyle Girard will be giving sabre lessons on Fridays again in Kanata!
Kyle has a passion for coaching that led him to take it up before he retired from his own competitive career. As a former Men’s Sabre National and Provincial Champion and member of the national team, he knows what it takes to succeed at the highest levels. With over 12 years’ experience coaching at the varsity and national levels, he’s helped hundreds of beginners discover a love for fencing and has guided many from their first lunges to the top of the podium.
The best coaching strategy is one that takes the student into account. Kyle works with each of his students to take advantage of their individual strengths and improve on their weaknesses. Favouring a blend of Hungarian and French styles, Kyle emphasises the importance of fundamentals, without making lessons tedious exercises in rote learning. The end result is a balance of finesse and power on the physical side, with a clever and adaptive approach on the strategic side.
Kyle's lessons are $40/hr (You don't need to take the whole hour at once. Typically lessons are 15-20min).
I recommend everyone takes advantage of this great opportunity to learn from Kyle.
If you're interested, please let me know and I'll add you to a weekly email where you can book a lesson with Kyle.

Learning to fix fencing equipment

If you have electric equipment and need to learn how to fix it, I'm going to teach how to fix equipment on Thursday, September 15th. We'll start at 7pm.
Please let me know if you are coming. Bring any electric equipment you need fixed, as well as any tools you have,
There is no cost if you have your own supplies. I'll charge for anything of mine that you might need to use (I have a little for my own equipment). I tend to buy the pricey stuff though, so I recommend you pay a visit to Ron and get the basics. You'll need them to maintain your equipment anyways.
Some supply suggestions:
For foil and epee:
   -Rewire kits (Includes wire, barrel, spring, tip, and screws) I recommend the German ones. They are better all around and worth the cost.
   -You can also buy separately those components. Good to have for mistakes or fast repairs at tournaments.
For foil, epee, and sabre:
   -Any replacement parts (Blades, body wires and components, guard connectors, etc) Anything broken that needs to be replaced.

Useful tools to have:

   -A multi meter (must have to test equipment before tournaments)

   -A tip weight (500g for Foil, 750g for Epee)

   -Epee shim (epee only)
   -Jeweler screwdrivers (Dollar store variety is fine)
   -Hockey Tape (Foil and epee only, white tape is best)
   -600 grit wet/dry sandpaper
   -A knife and/or razor blades
   -Crazy Glue (epee and foil only)
   -Allen wrenches (Most stuff is in metric, but sometimes..)
   -Small vice grips
   -Large vice grips (or a bench vice at home)
   -Heat gun (I'll have one on hand, but good to have your own)
Optional, but nice to have:
   -Weapon tester
   -Fencing tape (foil only)
   -Rewire jig
   -Gloves to work with the heat gun.
   -Heat shrink tubing (for body wire repair, you can also use tape)
   -Rare earth magnets (helps when working with the small screw, tips and springs on Foil and Epees)
   -Barrel Reamer for Foil and/or Epee
Right now, we're meeting for this at my apartment (I have a small bachelor near Mooney's Bay). If you have a better place that we can use please let me know.

Start of Fall 2016 Session

The Start of the fall session is only a few weeks away. We're starting Tuesday, October 4th.
Register online here:
For existing members who's contact info is the same, renew here:
See you all soon!

2016 Can-Am

Kanata Fencing sent two sabre teams to compete in this year's Can-Am tournament in Markham. This tournament has now become the premier fencing event in North American for Veteran's Fencing and the extremely tough competitors that are now attending illustrate that fact! 

Kanata Sabre Teams

Our two sabre teams together with Coach Jonathan: Ziggy, Pat, Bob, Antony, Jon, Mark and Taner

Each of them fought very well in the individual portion. Only Bob brought home a medal (Bronze) in the 60+ category. In the team event, as a circumstance of seeding from the individual poules, both of our teams were pitted against each other! Our 'A-team' defeated the 'B-team'. Unfortunately, the A-Team then went on to loose against a couple of very strong American teams. 

Everyone had a fantastic time! The Can-Am is extremely well run, well referee'ed and takes place at the best venue in Canada!


2015/2016 ODFC Final

Kanata didn't have many fencers entered in this season's ODFC, but those who did enter had a great time! This past weekend was the 5th and final round of the season.

Daphne fist pump

Daphne celebrating a win with a fist pump!


Riley fencing

Riley put in a big effort this year and was a consistent competitor. Seen here fencing a much taller opponent under the watchful eye of Coach Jonathan.


Kuzey did a fine job refereeing.


Evan missing by 2 points

It was another close year for Evan missing the championship trophy by only 2-points!!! He took the Silver Medal today!


Father Son battle

Sabre saw a Gold Medal bout between father and son: Elijah and Marek!


Sabre Champion

But it was Marek who came out on top with a very close 15 - 14 victory! Here his Dad looks on proudly at Marek, wearing his Gold Medal and holding the overall Sabre Champions Trophy beside the Bronze medal winners, Tyler and Emily.


ODFC #4 Results 2015/16

Results from the fourth ODFC of this season:

Under 13 foil: 

     Timothy Strachan 7th     Jaden Bennett 11th

Mixed Open Foil:

    Stevo Maricic  GOLD     Evan McLean   SILVER      Jamie Strachan 5th

Mixed Open Sabre:

     Marek Lloy BRONZE

Congratulations everyone! Great work!

Kanata Foilists

Kanata Foilists: Stevo, Evan & Jamie

Marek Bronze

Marek with his Bronze Medal. We were really happy to have Emily and Mackenzie join us from Carleton University - and they walked away with the Gold & Silver medals!

Monique referring Jaden

Monique refereeing Jaden

Stevo Evan

Stevo and Evan in their final match

Timothy in action

Timothy in action - great parry!




Ottawa Shield 2016

Several Kanata fencers participated in the Ottawa Shield tournament this past weekend achieving mixed results.
Daniel: 8th in Junior Men's Foil and SILVER in Senior Men's Foil.
Kuzey came 6th, Fernando 7th and Luyang (Eric) 10th in Senior Men's Sabre.
Felix finished in 17th in U15 Mixed Foil.
Marek finished in 6th in U15 Mixed Sabre.
Vadim won a SILVER, Stevo 11th and Alvaro 12th in Vet Mixed Foil.

Daniel awaiting his next bout

Daniel - looking fearful of his next opponent!

Eric attacking Fernando

Luyang (Eric) attacking Fernando in the Senior Sabre event.

Felix in preparation

Felix awaiting his next bout.

Jon and Paulina Refing

Jonathan and Paulina provided refereeing expertise!

Kuzey in Action

Kuzey en guarde in Senior Men's Sabre.

Vadim on Podium

Vadim on the podium with his Silver Medal won in Veteran's Foil.




Anjou 2016

No medals, but good results just the same!

Eric, Stevo, Taner and Bob travelled to Anjou this past weekend under the watchful eye of Coach Jon to compete in their Individual and Team events. 

Steveo did well in his first ever individual foil and is eagerly looking forward for more! Eric had a good time with Individual Sabre and was part of the 3rd place finishing sabre team!

Taner and Bob both competed in Veteran's Sabre and, unfortunately met each other during the DE's. Neither placed for a medal. However, both faired well in the team competition. The teams were selected by random draw. Taner's team finished in 3rd while Bob's team went undefeated into 1st place.

Erics Awards

Eric on the podium for Team Sabre

Taner and Bob

Taner and Bob after a long day's work!

Good results at this years Carleton Invitational Team Tournament!

The Foil team of Alvaro, Stevo, and Evan came 10th.
In sabre we had three teams. The C team of Eric, Taner, and Marek came 10th. The B team of Kuzey, Jerome, and Bob came 5th. And the A team of Fernando, Justin, and Jon earned a Silver medal loosing 43-45 in the Final!
Good work everyone!
Foil Team
The Foil Team with Evan, Alvaro and Stevo.
Our Sabre fencers: Bob, Jerome, Marek, Eric, Taner, Fernando, Jon and Kuzey.
A Team
The Silver Medal winning team of Jon, Justin and Fernando.