Club News

ODFC #3 - 2015/16

ODFC #3 was held on December 13th and was good for several Kanata Fencers:

U13 Foil: Riley 13th, Noureen 14th and Miles 15th.

Open Foil: Evan GOLD! Eric BRONZE!

Open Epee: Eric 5th.

Open Sabre: Eric GOLD! Marek BRONZE!

Congratulations Everyone!


Jon Coaching Eric

Coach Jonathan giving Eric a few pointers in his first ever Epee competition.


Marek in action

Marek in Sabre action!


Mens Foil 

Men's Foil with Eric and his Bronze and Evan with his Gold!


Monique Refereeing

Monique continued Kanata's excellent refereeing reputation shown here with a watchful eye over Evan.





ODFC #2 - 2015/16

ODFC #2 was very good for Kanata Fencers:
U11 Foil: Lauren 5th
U13 Foil: Jenna 6th, Wesley 8th, Riley 15th
U15 Foil: Noah 13th
U15 Epee: Noah 5th
Open Sabre: Marek GOLD! , Jenna BRONZE!
Womens Foil: Daphne BRONZE!
Open Foil: Stevo GOLD!, Jamie 5th, Evan 6th, Daphne 12th

Congratulations Everyone!

Dapne Jamie Stevo

Daphne, Jamie and Stevo talking fencing strategy

Laura 2

Laura proudly shows off her ribbon.

Marek 1

Gold Medal winner Marek in en guarde position. Coach Jon is the referee and Jenna is the corner judge.

Riley 1

Riley discusses strategy with his Mom.

Stevo 4

Stevo appreciated the strong fight given him by the silver medalist. Evan and Jamie also fared well in Open Foil.

RMC Team Invitational 2015

Kanata sent three teams this year and we all had a great time!

Womens Foil Team

The Women's Foil Team consisted of Monique, Daphne and Paulina. They fenced very well against some strong teams and finished in 10th.

Mens Sabre A

Kanata's A Sabre team was Jonathan, Fernando, Justin and Ziggy and finished in 7th in a large field of 29 teams.

Kanata B

The B Sabre team had the father/son duo of Taner and Kuzey joined by Bob. They fought hard to finish in 16 or the 29 teams.

Great Job girls and boys!

ODFC #1 - 2015/16 Season

A small turnout at this season's first ODFC, but Kanata did well.

Evan took home a Silver Medal, Eric a Bronze as did Noah. Serge took a Silver and Stevo did very well in his first competition.

Nick also competed having only fenced for one class in his life. He lost to the eventual gold medalist 10-8!

We all had a lot of fun, great work everyone!


Evan Eric

Kanata Fencing in Rome, Italy

Bob recently travelled to Rome, Italy to participate in the 'Maratona di Scherma' (Fencing Marathon), that was held in front of the Coliseum.






A Consol from the Canadian Embassy in Rome, Dr. Franca Finamore, came to the Maratona to present the organisers with a Canadian Flag as a  token of friendship between Italy and Canada. Bob was very proud to be part of this exchange.

Richard Smith Memorial 2015

Kanata Fencing held its Annual Richard Smith Memorial Tournament (in honour of the club's founder) on June 2nd. 

It was a bit of a rush to complete the tournament within the time limits of a normal class, but everyone was very accomodating as we ran overtime.


This photograph shows the comaradery amongst our foilist in the childrens class. (L to R): we have Sergey (Bronze), Jaden (Gold), Noah (Silver) and Tim (Bronze). Jaden is holding the Richard Smith Memorial Trophy for winning the tournament.


Our Sabre finalists were Paulina (Bronze), Nick (Bronze), Taner (Silver) and Kuzey (Gold).

Senior Foilists

Our Senior Foilist class saw Monique (Bronze), Nathan (Bronze), Felix (Silver) and Adam (Gold). Adam was also the winner of this seasons ODFC trophy.

Trophy Winners

Richard Smith Trophy winners Adam and Kuzey.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this year's tournament. It's a lot of fun and we encourage all of you to take part in competitions.


Great results for Kanata at the Can-Am!

Kanata fencing sent its largest ever team of Veteran fencers to this year's Can-Am competition in Markham. This is the largest Veteran's Fencing event in North America and there were competitors who flew in from many parts of the globe to compete. The level of competition is very strong with several ex-Olympians and World Champions taking part.

Every competitor from Kanata took home a medal (or two)!

Vadim Silver

Vadim proudly shows off his Kanata Fencing jacket whilst on the podium. Vadim earned a Silver medal in Team Foil and a Bronze medal in Team Sabre.

Kanata Sabre Teams

Kanata had two teams in Men's Sabre. We were joined by our friends Frances Lee from Hong Kong and Luc Dombrowski from Quebec City. The team of Bob, Tony and Frances captured a Silver medal and the team of Zoltan, Taner and Luc took home a Bronze medal.

Well done guys!

Kanata fair well in ODFC Final

In spite of the low turnout of Kanata fencers, those that showed up did very well indeed!

Daphne finished just out of the medals in 5th in Women's Open Foil and in the same position in the Mixed Open Foil.

Daphne getting serious!

Evan defeated Adam in the Mixed Open Foil to claim the Gold Medal after a hard fought season between the two Kanata fencers. The overall season trophy went to Adam with Evan in 2nd position!

Adam and Evan squaring off

Adam and Evan squaring off in the final.

Adam receiving his Trophy

Adam receiving his trophy.

Marek took a Silver Medal in the Mixed Open Sabre and finished 2nd in the Overall Season of Mixed Open Sabre.  However, Marek took home the Season ending Under 15 Sabre trophy!

Marek Champion

Marek with his Trophy and Silver medal.



Bob wins Quebec Provincial Championships!

Bob competed in the Veteran Sabre competition at the Quebec Provincial Championships held in Quebec City and won GOLD!


Congratulations Bob!


Marek at Quebec Circuit des Jeunes

Marek Lloy travelled to Gatineau to compete in Quebec's very competitive Circuit des Jeunes. He finished in 18th in the Under 13 Sabre category and 8th in the Under 15 2nd Divison Sabre competition.

Congratulations Marek!