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Great results for Kanata at the Can-Am!

Kanata fencing sent its largest ever team of Veteran fencers to this year's Can-Am competition in Markham. This is the largest Veteran's Fencing event in North America and there were competitors who flew in from many parts of the globe to compete. The level of competition is very strong with several ex-Olympians and World Champions taking part.

Every competitor from Kanata took home a medal (or two)!

Vadim Silver

Vadim proudly shows off his Kanata Fencing jacket whilst on the podium. Vadim earned a Silver medal in Team Foil and a Bronze medal in Team Sabre.

Kanata Sabre Teams

Kanata had two teams in Men's Sabre. We were joined by our friends Frances Lee from Hong Kong and Luc Dombrowski from Quebec City. The team of Bob, Tony and Frances captured a Silver medal and the team of Zoltan, Taner and Luc took home a Bronze medal.

Well done guys!

Kanata fair well in ODFC Final

In spite of the low turnout of Kanata fencers, those that showed up did very well indeed!

Daphne finished just out of the medals in 5th in Women's Open Foil and in the same position in the Mixed Open Foil.

Daphne getting serious!

Evan defeated Adam in the Mixed Open Foil to claim the Gold Medal after a hard fought season between the two Kanata fencers. The overall season trophy went to Adam with Evan in 2nd position!

Adam and Evan squaring off

Adam and Evan squaring off in the final.

Adam receiving his Trophy

Adam receiving his trophy.

Marek took a Silver Medal in the Mixed Open Sabre and finished 2nd in the Overall Season of Mixed Open Sabre.  However, Marek took home the Season ending Under 15 Sabre trophy!

Marek Champion

Marek with his Trophy and Silver medal.



Bob wins Quebec Provincial Championships!

Bob competed in the Veteran Sabre competition at the Quebec Provincial Championships held in Quebec City and won GOLD!


Congratulations Bob!


Marek at Quebec Circuit des Jeunes

Marek Lloy travelled to Gatineau to compete in Quebec's very competitive Circuit des Jeunes. He finished in 18th in the Under 13 Sabre category and 8th in the Under 15 2nd Divison Sabre competition.

Congratulations Marek!

ODFC #4 Results 2014/15

Results from the fourth ODFC of this season:

Under 11 foil:

     Jaden Bennett SILVER                

Under 13 foil: 

     Jaden Bennett 8th   Timothy Strachan 9th 

Under 15 foil:

     Tristan Slaun-White  10th

Women's Open Foil: 

     Carmen Powell-Sadik SILVER     Daphne Lane BRONZE

Mixed Open Foil:

    Adam Vantelingen  GOLD     Evan McLean   BRONZE      Daphne Lane  5th

Under 15 Epée:

    Carmen Powell-Sadik  BRONZE 

Mixed Open Sabre:

     Marek Lloy BRONZE

Congratulations everyone! Great work!


Great effort in Chateauguay

Taner traveled to Chateauguay this past weekend and came home with a Bronze Medal in the veteran sabre competition. This is his second Bronze in as many weekends. 

Taner Bronze Chateauguay

Congratulations Taner!



ODFC #3 Results 2014/15

Results from the third ODFC of this season:

Under 11 foil:

     Jaden Bennett BRONZE                  

Under 13 foil: 

     Noah Bridgen 5th     Felix Hu 7th   Mason Bennett 10th 

Under 15 foil:

     Noah Bridgen 7th

Women's Open Foil: 

     Carmen Powell-Sadik SILVER

Mixed Open Foil:

    Adam Vantelingen  GOLD     Evan McLean   BRONZE

Under 15 Epée:

    Noah Bridgen  6th

Mixed Open Epée:

   Carmen Powell-Sadik   BRONZE 

Under 15 Sabre:

     Marek Lloy GOLD

Mixed Open Sabre:

     Marek Lloy Silver

Congratulations everyone! Great work!


Technical Sport Shirts

The club is ordering custom made Technical Sports Shirts.

They will be based on the design we voted for earlier this year. They are a breathable 6oz polyester blend. This is both quick drying and stretchy. Should be perfect for fencing! This type of shirt is also usually indestructible and should last a long time.

I highly recommend that everyone gets one!

The cost will be $45. That's including all the taxes and setup fees.
We'll need a minimum order of 25.

If you're interested, I'll need your size and payment before the end of next Tuesday. After that, I'm told it takes about two weeks to have them made.

Please specify if your size category is Adult, Women's, or Children's

Front Back


Click on the link for a PDF with shirt sizes:


Men's Sizes              Women's Sizes           Children's Sizes


Good results at the 2015 Governor Generals

Kuzey Bronze GG

Pictured is Kusey with his Bronze in open Sabre.(The Gold was well earned by our friend Justin at Carleton).

Zoltan and Taner

Tanner is pictured with a Bronze in Veteran's Sabre and Zoltan earned a Silver in his first sabre competition!

This is how our club placed:

 Veterans Foil
-Vadim Reznikov - Bronze
 Veterans Sabre 
-Zoltan Manyoki - Silver 
-Taner Gunesli - Bronze
-Bob Rennick - 7th
 Men's Foil
-Daniel Manyoki - 12th
-Vadim Reznikov - 13th

 Men's Sabre 
-Kuzey Gunesli - Bronze

Women's Epée
-Paulina Chametka - 9th



Good results from Anjou!

Bob and Vadim travelled to Anjou (Montreal) this past weekend and competed in the Veteran segment of the second AAA event of the season. Vadim pocketed a Silver Medal in his foil event and Bob brought home a Bronze Medal in the sabre competition.

Vadim Silver - Anjou

Vadim on the Foil Podium with his Silver Medal

Bob Bronze - Anjou

Bob wearing his Bronze with the Sabre Medalists