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End of term - Fall 2013

Tuesday night, December 17th was the last night of our fall session. The adult class got together for a "class photo" - many sporting their new Team Jackets!

Fall 2013 Class

ODFC #3 - Great Results!

The Kanata Fencing Club had some great results at the RA Centre on Sunday!

Under-11 foil:
Thomas Roberts - Silver
Owen Scorrar - 12th
Under-15 foil:
Paulina Chametka - Silver
Liam Scorrar - Bronze
Mixed Open Sabre:
Kuzey Gunesli - Gold
Dawson Bennett - Silver
Liam Scorrar - Bronze
Under 15 Sabre:
Kuzey Gunesli - Gold
Liam Scorrar - Silver
Under-13 foil:
Felix Hu - Bronze
Mason Bennett - 5th
Thomas Roberts - 7th
Mixed Open Foil:
Brandon Yip - Gold
Dawson Bennett - 5th
Adam Vantellingen - 6th
Evan McLean - 9th
Mixed Open Epee:
Dawson Bennett - Gold

Owen en garde

 Owen: en garde!

Thomas getting ready to attack!

Thoams in action!

Thomas wearing his Silver medal

Thomas wearing his Under-11 Silver medal.

Felix and Mason

Felix and Mason on the piste.

Paulina and Liam

Paulina and Liam with their Under-15 foil medals.

Thomas Owen Felix

Thomas, Mason and Felix: Under-13 foil.

Dawson epee

Dawson wearing his Épée Gold medal


Kuzey receiving his 2nd Gold medal of the day!


Liam Bronze - Dawson Silver - Kuzey Gold: A Kanata medal Sweep!


Brandon with his Open Foil Gold.


Daniel Montreal Junior 2013

Monique and Daniel travelled to Montreal on Saturday to compete in the Quebec Junior event. Daniel won a Bronze in men's foil and Monique's first major tournament experience resulted in a great finish. fantastic job!

Daniel on the podium with his Bronze medal.

 Congratulations to all our fencers! Well done!

KANATA Fencing Socks

We’re thinking of getting Kanata Team fencing socks. They would be fabricated in Kanata ‘blue’ with the word ‘KANATA’ written vertically down the outside of each sock (in white lettering). At the bottom would be 3-crossed fencing weapons (as in the photograph).

 Fencing Socks


  • Made of polypropylene.
  • Polypropylene wicks the moisture away from the body.
  • The socks stay up on the leg and contain 10% elastic thread.
  • Bottom of foot cushioned
  • Ribbing in arch and ankle for added support
  • Fold down cuff


  • Youth: younger children
  • Intermediate: ladies shoe size 5-10 / men’s shoe size 4½-8
  • Adult: ladies shoe size 10-12 / men’s shoe size 8-12
  • XL: above size 12  

We can only place the order when we have 12-pairs of a single size. We expect the cost to be $15 - $20, dependent upon how many pairs we order. If you’re interested, let Coach Jon know how many pairs and what size. Once we have a tally, we’ll let you know what the final cost will be before we order.


Busy Sunday!

The Kanata Fencing Club had a very busy Sunday with members competing in 3 different tournaments all on the same day yielding some fantastic results!

At the RA Centre the second ODFC of the season was held and Kanata had fencers competing in all three weapons. 

Under-11 foil:
Thomas Roberts - 12th
Timothy Strachan - 14th
Ian Darragh - 17th
Under-15 foil:
Paulina Chametka - Bronze
Monique Power - 6th
Liam Scorrar - 8th
Curtis Goldthorp - 10th
Felix Hu - 11th
Mixed Open Foil:
Brandon Yip - Gold
Dawson Bennett - Silver
Adam Vantellingen - Bronze
Under 15 Sabre:
Kuzey Gunesli - Gold
Under-13 foil:
Felix Hu - Bronze
Owen Darragh - 7th
Thomas Roberts - 10th
Noah Bridgen - 11th
Mason Bennett - 13th
Ian Darragh - 18th
Womens Open Foil:
Monique Power - Gold
Mixed Open Epee:
Dawson Bennett - Silver
Kiara Maclean - 11th
Mixed Open Sabre:
Kuzey Gunesli - Gold
Dawson Bennett - Silver
Stephanie Lefebvre - 6th

Kuzey, Dawson & Stephanie - our ODFC Sabre Fencers!

Kuzey, Dawson & Stephanie - our ODFC Sabre Fencers!

Brandon, Dawson & Adam - our ODFC mixed foil fencers.

Brandon, Dawson & Adam - our ODFC mixed foil fencers.

In Kingston the K-Town Challenge was held at the Kingston Fencing Club. Vadim Reznikov made the trip and was rewarded with a Silver medal in Veteran sabre and a Bronze medal in Veteran foil!

In Montreal there was the first AAA tournament of the year and Daniel Manyoki earned a Bronze medal against a very tough field in foil! In the Veteran's category an unfortunate circumstance pitted Antony Roberts against Bob Rennick in the direct elimination, meaning that only one of our fencers would advance to the medal round. It was a very close match that saw Antony defeat Bob 10-9! Antony went on to with the Silver medal!

 Congratulations to all our fencers! Well done!

RMC 2013-14

Kanata Fencing sent teams to compete in all weapons at this seasons RMC Invitational Tournament. All teams faired quite well given the high-level of competition. 

Special mention has to be made of Epee fencer Dawson Bennett, Foilist Daniel Manyoki and Sabreur Kuzey Gunesli. Each of these fencers performed extremely well adding exceptional value to their respective teams. Bravo!

The Epee team was led by Coach Jon with Dawson and Antony Roberts.

Foil consisted of Coach Jon, Fernando Cuervo, Vadim Reznikov and Daniel.

We had two sabre teams. 'A' was again led by Coach Jon, Fernando and Kuzey. 'B' was led by Coach Bob, Pat McArthur, Vadim and Antony.

Final finishing order will be placed here as soon as we receive the results.

Sabre Teams

Kanata's Sabre teams: Pat, Jon, Fernando, Vadim, Bob, Antony and Kuezy.


Congratulations Antony!

Congratulations to Antony Roberts for his Silver Medal earned in Veteran's Sabre at the Canada Cup East held in Sherbrooke this past weekend.

2013 ODFC #1 Results



Under 11 Foil:
Thomas Roberts - Bronze
Owen Scorrar - 6th

Under 13 Foil:
Felix Hu - Bronze
Thomas Roberts - 6th

Under 15 Foil:
Alex Reznikov - Silver
Liam Scorrar - Bronze
Paulina Chametka - 5th
Monique Power - 6th
Evan Mclean - 8th  
Anna Valin - 10th
Women's Open Foil:
Anna Valin - Silver

Mixed Open Foil:
Brandon Yip - Silver
Dawson Bennett - Bronze
Adam Vantellingen - 8th
Evan Mclean - 12th

Mixed Open Sabre:
Dawson Bennett - Gold
Thomas Roberts - Bronze



Overall, not a bad start to the season. Good work everyone!

Jonathan Rennick
Head Coach
Kanata Fencing
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Vadim at the Toronto Fencing Club Open - 2013

Vadim competed at the Toronto Fencing Club Open competition this past weekend (August 24, 25) and came back with some excellent results!

He took home a silver medal Veteran's Mixed Foil and finished 5th in Open Mixed Sabre.

Congratulations Vadim!

2013 Can-Am Veteran's Cup Results

Kanata Fencing sent three competitors to this year's Can/Am Challenge Cup held in Toronto. All three came back with lots of hardware!

Bob, Antony & Vadim

Bob (L) earned a Bronze Medal in 60+ Sabre. Vadim (R) won a Bronze in Foil (this also counted for the Provincial Bronze) and also a Silver in Team Foil. Antony (Centre) cleaned up winning a GOLD in Sabre that also counted as a Provincial Gold! All three of our fencers then combined to win the Gold Medal in Team Sabre! Well done guys!


2013 Canadian Fencing Championships Results

Congratulations to Vadim who earned a Silver Medal at the Canadian Fencing Championships in Veteran's Foil!

Vadim on the podium in Vet Foil