Richard Smith Memorial Tournament

Richard Smith Memorial Tournament


The Richard Smith Memorial Trophy is awarded to the winners of our annual Year-End tournament held each spring.

Richard Smith founded the Kanata Fencing Club and was our first Head Coach. He was known for his "take no prisoners" style of aggressive fencing. Richard was a naturally gifted coach who sent above and beyond for his students. Among his personal successes are many Canadian Open and Provincial Medals, culminating in a Men's Foil Team Gold at the 2007 Commonwealth Championships.

Trophy Winners


Kid's Foil - Jacob Little

Mixed Foil - Brandon Yip

Mixed Sabre - Brandon Yip

Mixed Épée - Boris Uriev


Kid's Foil - Lauren DiFruscio

Mixed Foil - Susan Cai

Mixed Sabre - Iris Zhang

Mixed Épée - Isaac Lee


Kid's Foil - Isaac Lee

Mixed Foil - Tammy Duquette

Mixed Sabre - Marek Lloy

Mixed Épée - Jennifer Hossie


Kid's Foil - Sam Leeson

Mixed Foil - Evan McLean

Mixed Sabre - Taner Gunesli


Kid's Foil - Jaden Bennett

Mixed Foil - Adam Vantellingen

Mixed Sabre - Kuzey Gunesli


Kid's Foil - Jonatan Mercier

Mixed Foil - Meia Copeland

Mixed Épée - Marty DiFruscio

Mixed Sabre - Kuzey Gunesli

 Richard Smith - Founder of Kanata Fencing Club

Richard Smith - Founder of the Kanata Fencing Club 
1951 - 2010